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We are no longer going to be holding this event on a regular basis. Instead I recommend you stop by Tech Bar to scratch your diy-website-building itch!

We have a budding Domain of One’s Own project at St. Norbert College, and it has been exciting to see our pilot groups and Tech Bar students jump head-first into building their own slices of the web and taking control of their digital identities! Despite all of this excitement, a sentiment we hear again and again from our students, staff, and faculty is that they often have a hard time setting aside time to work on their domains, and they feel like they need a little extra push or encouragement to get to work.

Our idea to solve this was to create a “space” that encourages those of us with domains to work alongside each other physically or virtually. We are calling this Open Domains Lab.

Open Domains Lab has three components:

1. A dedicated time to work on your domain/website:

The first Thursday of the month, every month, from 4 pm to 7 pm CT.

2. A physical space to work alongside others:

We will meet in the lower level of the Cassandra Voss Center. In this space, people will work together on their domains and websites. Everyone is welcome!

The Cassandra Voss Center also has a kitchen and easy to access visitor parking via lots P14 and P11.

3. A virtual space to work alongside others:

If you can’t make it to campus, or if you prefer working alone, that is OK! Tweet using #DoOO during Open Domains Lab (first Thursday of the month, every month, from 4 pm to 7 pm CT) and ask questions, get advice, or share your work!